PF’s ‘Big Moze’ promises inclusive leadership

Moses Chilando
Moses Chilando

PATRIOTIC Front (PF) candidate for Katuba constituency by-election Moses Chilando says when he wins the polls he will provide an inclusive leadership like that of President Sata.
Mr Chilando said he is drawing such kind of leadership from President Sata who has embraced other politicians.
He said in an interview in Katuba yesterday shortly before he undertook campaign trails in the constituency that he will embrace all irrespective of party affiliation.
“I will bring everybody together, these are just politics. Even now, I can show you the kind of people I am working with. These are people who at one point insulted me and were castigating everything that I was doing.
“I am drawing that passion of such leadership from the President because people didn’t expect that he could be eating and dinning with certain people today.
Those people called the President names but he is sitting down with them,” Mr Chilando said.
He said because of President Sata’s leadership style, he will embrace people who opposed him after winning the election.
“We only have got one country, so even me, I will show them that we are still together. I will call everybody – all opposition leaders so that we can put our ideas together and look at the bigger picture which is the constituency,” he said.
Mr Chilando said he does not believe in the notion that Katuba should be led by certain group of people adding that his focus is development.
He said some people have been trying to create divisions between him and people belonging to other political parties.
Mr Chilando said he will facilitate development in Katuba just like other constituencies such as Chisamba and Matero, adding that the area needs nine health centres to supplement the only clinic in the area.
Meanwhile, the MMD says its members in Katuba are heavily divided with some campaigning for Mr Chilando and others working with other opposition political parties.
MMD campaign manager for Katuba constituency by-election Handson Zulu has warned that the party will suspended all members that have chosen to campaign against the party.
“Yes, it is true. They are campaigning for the PF, it is not only PF but some are with UPND. It will be difficult for us, but it does not mean that we are out of the race,” he said.
Mr Zulu said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that MMD members have chosen to work with PF and other political parties because they are frustrated with what they have gone through in the past.
He said the ruling party is very strong in Katuba constituency and that MMD members who chose to work with other parties have the right to do so.
Mr Zulu said MMD members decided to work with other parties as a matter of principle and that in an election, such action is expected.
And National Revolution Party candidate Shakespeare Mwakamui said a rally he held on Saturday was a success.
Mr Mwakamui said he is confident and optimistic that the Katuba by-election will be a walk-over for him.
The Katuba constituency seat fell vacant following the death of Deputy Minister of Health Patrick Chikusu last year and is contested by seven political parties.


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  1. Can’t u see dat u ar a wrong candidate 4 dat area?
    U wanna jst get da seat and go back 2 yo land!!
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    UPND…… A must 4 Katuba!