Kabompo in power blackout

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Kabompo in power blackout

Kabompo, Feb 5/14—–Kabombo district has been plunged into total darkness following the breaking down of a Zesco power generator.

However, residents have been urged not to panic over the total blackout that has hit the township as engineers from Ndola are today on the way to the town to sort out the problem.

North-western Zesco Regional Director, Isaac Kabangu, has assured the residents in a telephone interview with ZANIS today.

Mr Kabangu said a 750 watts generator that supplies power to Kambompo broke down two days ago causing the total blackout in the town.

He said the thermo plant in Kambompo only has two generators of which one has broken down while the other generator of 620 watts, which supplies power to Manyinga town cannot supply power to both Manyinga and Kambompo at the same time.

He said the Kambompo residents should not panic as engineers from Ndola are on the way to repair the broken down generator.

Another generator of 750watts will today be brought to Kambompo from Zambezi to cushion power deficit in the town.

He further disclosed that Zesco was now facilitating the order of more big  power generators to needy districts in North western province and Kambompo is on the priority list.


Meanwhile, a survey conducted by ZANIS, revealed that operations in the government and business houses have adversely been affected by the total blackout in the township and those asked appealed to government to speed up connecting Kambompo to the national grid.