15 people injured after rustler attack on the Zambezi River

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15   people injured after  rustler attack on the Zambezi River


Kalabo Feb 5,2014, ZANIS — Over 15 people sustained serious injuries and  are admitted to Kalabo General  Hospital after  they were attacked  by  cattle herder  on the Zambezi river.


Police have confirmed the incident which occurred on Sunday afternoon at Liyala area to ZANIS in an interview.


And hospital authorities also confirmed having admitted the victims in Kalabo General Hospital but the District Commissioner’s office expressed ignorant on the matter.


A misunderstanding erupted between the coxswain and cattle herders who were trying to cross animals to the other side of the river to graze.


Due to the nature of the boat, the coxswain failed to give way, and this only agitated the herders who all of a sudden pounced on the boat and injured its passengers.


Mmachetes, sticks and other unknown weapons where used in the attack. Most of the victims were women and children.


Among the passengers attacked, the coxswain sustained serious wounds of all.


The hospital authorities say most of the victims were discharged yesterday and the last patient was discharged this morning.

Other preferred to nurse their wounds home.


Police have launched a manhunt so that offenders could be brought to book.