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hakainde hichilema
hakainde hichilema
STATE HOUSE-UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is a morbid and queer man whose purpose to run for public office is anchored on vicious circles of tribalism and racism, slogans of hatred and death wishes for his political competitors.

Mr. Hichilema is an abominable leader who craves to see pain and anguish in others with the hope of getting to the top. This is typical of him, he is the proverbial ‘merchant of death’, the man who takes pride in wishing others ill or death.

Therefore, his utterances on the whereabouts of the President do not surprise us because when everybody including himself were on holiday with their families during the festive season and the Head of State was busy sacrificing by working through out this period, it never mattered to him. But now that the President has taken his vacation, he wants to infuse his cheap schemes to gain political mileage out of a genuine moment of rest for the Head of State. We thank God the Zambian people don’t see him going far and have realized that his divisive politics of hate, tribalism and racism pays no dividends and are now shunning him.

Indeed, Mr. Hichilema is a frightened little man who has realized that he is carrying the burning sun on his back especially with the UPND’s dwindling political fortunes, but wants to disguise his leadership failures through reckless, alarming and abdominal utterances over the President’s health.

We urge him to stop being childish and petty-minded. His attempt to engage the Presidency on trivial demands like whether the President is indeed in the United Kingdom or not, barely 24 hours after State House confirmed is out rightly ridiculous. This level of self- centeredness and desperation should be avoided by leaders especially those seeking public office. We must respect our systems of governance instead of embarrassing ourselves on the international platform through such empty and petty political discourse.

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  1. This is very disgusting indeed. I wonder what type of Zambians these people are. How can any normal person with an upright mind, wish his a fellow human being death? A lot is being said about the so called health of the president. Isn’t the president human? Is he not supposed to fall sick, sometimes seriously? I do not know what to say about these assassins, hiding in politics and the nation’s political tolerance. I do not want to say that their days are numbered, but advise government to stop all illicit publications right away: online, print as well as electronic. Come up with applicable laws or whatever it could be to protect the presidency.

    And if at all the president is unwell and attending a clinic, is it a crime? Is the president expected to report his movements to an opposition leader? There’s no genuine Zambian who has such ill feelings about the president as those expressed by Mr Hakainde Hichilema and his friends. Quite clearly they are not representing Zambians. Allow the president to exercise his rights and freedom. Those vying for office of the president in Zambia must respect the sitting president…may be there are no laws to safeguard my sentiments… punish those who insult the president, bar them from standing ….