Govt wants quality health service

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Govt wants quality health service

Chitambo, Feb 04, 2014, ZANIS………..Deputy minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya has appealed to medical personnel at Chitambo hospital to ensure that they focus on providing  quality health care to the people in the district.

Speaking during an on the spot check at the health institution and the construction site for the student hostels for the Chitambo Nursing School yesterday, the deputy minister who was accompanied by  other ministry of health officers said government has a vision to provide equitable access to cost effective health care to the people.

He said the construction of three student hostels for the nursing school will increase the capacity to train nurses from the current 27 to 120 and mitigate the staff shortage being experienced in the health sector.

“When we have a lot of students being trained, it will help alleviate the lack of health personnel experienced in the health sector and will improve the care provided to the people”, he said.

Mr Chilufya said the PF government is very serious about the quality of health care provided to patients in hospitals and that it envisions a healthy and productive people adding that health personnel should ensure that they provide optimum care to patients and practice the 3 C’s.

“As government, we are very serious about the services provided to patients. Health personnel should practice the 3 C’s, care, cleanliness and competence,” he noted.

The deputy minister also commended the nursing staff at the hospital female and male wards for the clean environment that was notable in the wards.

“This is what we want to see. Continue ensuring that the wards are always clean and conducive, coupled with good health care”, he said with a smile.

And Pharmacy Technologist Ruth Mutale impressed the deputy minister when she said the pharmacy is consistently stocked with essential drugs for the patients.

Additionally, Laboratory Chief Biomedical Scientist Fales Mwansa bemoaned the lack of personnel at the Lab and urged the human resourse personnel at the hospital to create a vacancy in order to improve the staffing levels.

“There is only one person working at the Laboratory and that is not a good sign. In the event that the person is not there, the Lab will be closed,” she noted.

And Chief Nursing Officer Management and Practice Serah Siyunda also expressed concern over the lack of personnel at the hospital.

“The shortage of nurses at the hospital leaves much to be desired. There are only 17 nurses and 2 are on study and vacation leave respectively,” she said.