Retirees,students stage protest

Natural Resources Development College
Natural Resources Development College
The pressure group Voluntary Separatees Association of Zambia this morning staged a protest at the Ministry of Justice to demand the release of the money owned to some retirees.

Chairperson of the pressure group, Wamundima Mboma has told Qfm News in an interview that his association is demanding that the remaining 2, 523 retirees be paid what is owed to them out of the 15 million kwacha released by government.

Mr. Mboma says only 1,000 retirees have been paid from the 15 million kwacha so far.

And Mr. Mboma has threatened that his association will sue lawyer, Robison Malupenga, who is said to be handling the payment of the money owed to the retirees.

He says his association wants the money owed to the retirees to be is paid without fail, vowing do everything possible to force Mr. Malupenga to find the money to pay them.

And Students at Natural Resources Development College (NRDC) this morning staged a peaceful protest demanding to know the exact date the institution will be reopening.

The students complained of being tired with the institution’s continued indefinite closure without being given the reasons for such a closure by the ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.

The students have since given College Management a 48 hours ultimatum to tell them when the college will reopen for the new semester.

One of the protesting students had this to say.