President Sata’s Facebook : 3/02/14 – Patriotic Front (PF)’s identity


Good Morning Dear Friends,

It’s important to remind ourselves that the history of a political organization forms the bond of identity with its members and supporters at large. It is also the basis for its values, ideals and aspirations for posterity. I am cognizant of the fact that it is the Zambian people’s concerted efforts, sacrifice and unfailing faith and hard work, which gave the Patriotic Front (PF) the strength to dislodge the MMD in 2011.

Our people proved that unity of purpose; discipline and hope in the future of our country and its people can lead to victory against all human odds. They saw hope where there was despair. Our electoral victory in 2011 should, however, be considered as only the beginning of a long journey. We must continue the fight against corruption, social injustice and inequality in order to promote social order and peace for our people and around the world. The transformation of our party from an opposition political party into that of the governing political authority of the country must not betray the aspirations of its members and the general citizenry.

As for those favoured with the privilege of public office, my counsel to them is public life is all about service, and that service must always be that of humility and magnanimity. My dear colleagues, when the people of Zambia have granted you the rare privilege of serving at any level, don’t assume you are the wisest, special and better placed than those who voted for you. We are who we are today because of the voters…treat everybody with respect, care and value their contributions because to me as your leader, every Zambian counts. Batila amano yafuma mwifwesa yaya muchulu elyo kabili ubukulu bwankoko, masako. Finally, don’t forget to preach love and unity wherever you go because these values form the basis upon which the foundation of this nation is laid. Wish you a good week ahead. MCS – 3/02/14