Simulambo advises Chris ‘Gazza’ Tembo to be patient with Mbabane Swallows

Christopher Tembo has joined the Mbabane Swallows technical bench
Christopher Tembo has joined the Mbabane Swallows technical bench

FORMER Mbabane Swallows coach Jani Simulambo has advised the Swazi outfit’s newly-appointed trainer Chris ‘Gazza’ Tembo to be patient with his new team.
Simulambo said in Lusaka recently that clubs in Swaziland want immediate results and Tembo should be patient to avoid succumbing to pressure.
“I have coached in Swaziland for a long time and I know how they are. They want fast results. Coaching in Swaziland needs patience and I would advise the young man to exercise a lot of patience otherwise he will be under pressure,” he said.
Swallows host Nkana next weekend in the CAF Champions League preliminary round first leg.
Simulambo said Swazis do not believe in building teams.
“They want quick results. They do not believe in building. All they want is to win and winning all the time,” he said.
Simulambo said as Tembo exercises his patience, he must also be cautious of the environment he is working in.
He said Swazis are very quick to judge and there is need for him to be cautious all the time.
“He should ensure he fields the best team all the time because they accept nothing less than a win,” he said.
Simulambo, however, is confident that Tembo has the capacity to make it in Swaziland.
The former national team midfielder said all Tembo needs are support and co-operation from the club.
“I am very confident that he will do it. The young man is capable, all he needs is support. Without support, it is very difficult to achieve the desired results,” he said.
Tembo was appointed Swallows coach last Monday with his main task centred on ensuring the team’s effective participation in the CAF Champions League.
Meanwhile, Nkana will next week dispatch an advance party to Swaziland.
Nkana secretary Kenny Mwansa said in Kitwe yesterday that his executive is leaving nothing to chance.
Mwansa, however, could not disclose the names of the ‘spies’.
“I can’t tell you who will be in the advance team because those people [Mbabane Swallows] might think otherwise. We don’t want it to look like we are spying on them. It is just a normal advance party that we are sending,” he said.
Mwansa said the advance party will check on the facilities in Mbabane.
“We want them to check the training facilities, accommodation and the pitch that will be used for the match. We don’t want to start organising things when we are already that side [Swaziland],” he said.