PF might drag Zambia into political turmoil, Mpombo fears

George Mpombo
George Mpombo

Former Defense Minister George Mpombo has observed that the poor policies that the Patriotic Front (PF) government is allegedly implementing are making the country’s political environment awkward.

Mr. Mpombo has cited the issue of how the PF government is handling the constitutional making process as one of the things that IS making the country’s political environment to be ill-at-ease.

And Mr. Mpombo who is also a former diplomat has advised the PF government to listen to what the Catholic Bishops have advised on the current constitution making process.

He has also told Qfm news in an interview that the PF government should further listen to the voice of the people as the voice of the people is the voice of God.

He adds that now that the PF government is showing lack of focus on the issue of coming up with the country’s new constitution, it should also tell the nation which constitution it referred to when it said it will deliver a new constitution in 90 days.

The former Cabinet Minister has charged that this should be stated clearly as to whether the ruling PF meant to come up with an amended constitution or a new constitution when it made the promise to the Zambian people.

He has also reminded the ruling PF to keep it in mind that it is not dealing with children on this issue and that if it continues with its alleged mismanagement of nation issues by leaving out the views of the people, it might drag the country into an unnecessary political turmoil.