Magande expresses worry at secrecy surrounding Sata’s 14 days holiday

NMP president Ng'andu Magande
NMP president Ng'andu Magande
Opposition National Movement for Progress (NMP) has added its voice in expressing concern over the withholding of information about where President Michael Sata will spend his 14 days working holiday after attending the African Union (AU) Summit in Ethiopia.

The President’s special aid for press and public relations George Chellah announced in a statement that President Sata would go for a 14 days working holiday without indicating exactly where the Head of State will spend it.

The opposition Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) youths in Lusaka have already challenged State House to state clearly where the Head of State will spend his working holiday especially that he is using taxpayers’ money.

And NMP president Ng’andu Magande has told Qfm news in an interview this afternoon that he finds it really worrying that the destination of the President’s working holiday is being kept a secret at a time the world is on a security alert of increased terrorism acts.

Mr. Magande is of the view that it is important that the destination of the Head of State is always disclosed to the nation as it could happen that the President and his entourage could be made aware in good time of possible terrorist acts in place he is scheduled to go by a Zambian staying or who may have been in the area.

He says in view of such possible scenarios, he pleads as senior citizen, that handlers of the President disclose to the nation the exact destination of President Sata’s 14 days working holiday.

Meanwhile the NMP leader has also recalled that at the time President Sata was in opposition he went further than merely wanting to know the destination of the Head of Sate outside.

He says while in opposition Mr. Sata wanted to know even exact plane the Head of State would use to travel.

The opposition leader who is also a former Cabinet Minister, has singled out the late president Levy Mwanawasa as one of the Head of State whose travels abroad where made known to public at the time that President Sata was in opposition.

He further recalls that the late Dr. Mwanawasa could also hold mini farewell ceremonies at the airport before flying outside the country.