Shoprite expired food stuffs seized in Mongu

Shoprite on Cairo Road Lusaka

Mongu Municipal Council has seized expired food items from Shoprite outlet in order to safeguard the health of the consumers.

Mongu Municipal Council Public Relations Officer, Lusale Kaseba disclosed to ZANIS in an interview that 437 kilograms of chicken has been confiscated from the outlet by the local authority.

Ms Kaseba said the council through Public Health Section has embarked on a two weeks exercise of inspecting shop outlets in the district in order to get rid of expired food items deemed to pose a health hazard to the people.

She said much as it is the duty of the council to carry out inspections, there is need for traders to report to them once there food items expires and seek the local authority for proper disposal of the food items.

Ms Kaseba however commended Shoprite for their cooperation with the council in the voluntary disposal of expired food items.

She noted that Shoprite has in many cases alerted the local authority when their food items expire as a way of complying with the laws of Zambia on the health Act.

And Ms Kaseba said the Mongu Municipal Council is this year geared to fulfil its mandate of making the environment clean and health for the people through garbage collection in different areas in line with the keep Zambia Clean Campaign programme.

She added that the local authority is collecting garbage throughout the district on a daily basis, stressing that services will now be delivered to the public efficiently and effectively as staffing level has improved.

Mongu Municipal Council damps its waste at Kaande Damping Site the destination for all the garbage collected in the district but it cannot be accessed by the public unless with permission from the local authority.