Kalengwa community applaud govt for HIV sensitisation

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Kalengwa Primary School in Mufumbwe district of North Western province has commended government for its efforts in combating HIV/AIDS in the district.


Deputy Head Teacher Charles Mankishi says government through the District Aids Task Force (DATF) has done a lot to create awareness about HIV/AIDS related issues such as Male Circumcision (MC), condom use, stigma and discrimination.


In an interview with ZANIS in Mufumbwe, Mr Mankishi said this will go a long way in mitigating early pregnancies and marriages which have posed a problem for schools in the district.


Meanwhile, Kalengwa Mine Manager, Buks Roestof, has commended government for extending the DATF programme to the residents in the area.


“I would like to thank Government for coming up with a programme to sensitize residents here because this will help workers and the residents to know the truth about HIV/AIDS and how to protect themselves,” Mr Roestof said.


The manager further said this will help the company retain its labour, which he said was the most important resource for the mine.