Former ZNBS employee supports recapitalisation of the society

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—–A Senior Citizen in Kasama has strongly commended President Michael Sata for the re-capitalisation of Zambia National Building Society (ZNBS) scheme which will empower Zambian Government with conducive structures.


Mr George Chanda a Kasama resident said President Sata needs to be supported in his vast leadership qualities to re-introduce and recapitalise the ZNBS which was meant to give the Zambian Government and worker with a house whilst in employment.


Mr Chanda, who also worked for the ZNBS, recalls that the institution was created by Government under the Ministry of Finance to cushion Zambian workers in sorting out shelter problems.


He also said in the United National Independence Party (UNIP) Government initiated Mutual Building Society, Permanent Society and Security Building Society with intent to the Zambian Government and nation of owning family houses as they worked.


He mentioned that the First Republican President, Kenneth Kaunda, merged the three schemes into ZNBS for the purpose of promoting home ownership by Zambians.


Mr Chanda added that the move expanded Lusaka through the construction of various structures such as Mines Industrial Development Corporation (MINDECO), Financial Industrial Development Corporation (FINDECO) and ZNBS houses.


He appealed to President Sata to advise the new ZNBS management to consider the under-payment of retired former workers of the institution who are now languishing.


Mr Chanda also congratulated Mr Sata for creating Industrial National Development Corporation (INDECO) which will create employment in Zambia.


He also called on the PF Government to re-introduce a national air line because the nation is deprived of the services which has brought shame to the nation.


Mr Chanda added that the national airways will revamp and promote the tourism sector as it will be a flag carrier for the country.


He noted with disappointment that Zambia is the only country which has no flag carrier in the southern African region.