Chingalala community of Zambezi West stage protest

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– A sizeable crowd of irate residents of Zambezi district’s Chingalala area this morning matched to the District Commissioner, Catherine Mukuma’s office in protest of Lunda being taught at Dichawang’a Primary School.


The residents both males and females who demanded to be addressed by the District Commissioner gathered in front of the District Administration at 11:00 hours this morning.


They came to hand over 81 voters’ cards and accused the current government of not being concerned with the plight of their children at the recently closed school.


Speaking when they met the District Commissioner (Ms Mukuma) at her office, group leader who is also UPND Zambezi ward Councillor Yona Mbalakanyi said that the residents have resolved to surrender their voters’ cards as a way of airing their grievances.


Mr Mbalakanyi said the issue of language at the school had been long overdue but that government had been paying a deaf ear on it.


And the Chairperson for Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) Dimus Sachikote has threatened to decampaign the Patriotic Front (PF) in the forth coming by elections in Zambezi West if the issue is not resolved amicably.


Mr Sachikote said most of the people that are in Chingalala area come from Zambezi West and that they are the ones that voted for PF in the district.


He added that the pupils at the closed school had been infringed on their right to learn by government.


And Zambezi District Commissioner Catherine Mukuma appealed to the residents through their representative that government was aware of the problem and that they were handling it through the Ministry of Education.


Ms Mukuma added that even the Provincial office was already aware of the matter and that it was being handled.


Ms Mukuma assured the residents that government would send relevant authorities that would come and resolve the matter amicably.


The District Commissioner pleaded with the residents that the school was not closed permanently but that it was temporarily in order to pave way for government to find a lasting solution to the current problem.


She however advised the residents to take back their voter’s card as they were relevant documents but they insisted that they should remain in her office as evidence.


On Monday last week, Acting District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) George Kambita was instructed by the Deputy Minister of Education Patrick Ngoma to temporarily close down the school to allow government find a solution.


Government recently introduced an Education policy that children from pre- school to grade four be taught in the local languages and that English would be introduced later as a subject.