Govt. hails private sector for providing healthcare.

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Chilanga District Commissioner Edith Muwana has hailed the private sector’s role in the provision of equal access to medical care to Zambians.

Mrs Muwana said Zambia has limited resources to meet all the needs of people in the health sector especially that it is a developing country.

She was speaking when the Nkwazi Rotary Club donated beds, mattress
and blankets to Makeni Clinic in Chilanga district recently.

The District Commissioner said there is need to strengthen existing partnership with the private sector and Non-Governmental Organisations in order to provide quality health services to all.

Mrs Muwana toured a maternity wing which is being contracted adjacent to Chilanga Clinic at a cost of K500, 000.

And Rotary Club Assistant Governor Stanford Mupanga said Nkwazi Rotary
Club is ready to complement government’s efforts in the health sector.

He explained that Lusaka district has seven rotary clubs and its members are willing to help in the delivery of health services to those in need.