ZP designs educative programmes on human trafficking

suspended Copperbelt police commissioner Mary Tembo.
suspended Copperbelt police commissioner Mary Tembo.

Zambia Police Service Spokesperson Chanda Munganga has re-explained that the police are there to offer protection and help women and children who are victims of human trafficking through the Victim Support Unit.
Ms. Munganga revealed that the police have come up with sensitization programmes to alert the public on human trafficking and how people can protect themselves from the gimmicks of human traffickers.
Speaking in a telephone interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, Ms. Munganga said these programmes would be made available through the media.
She further said the police service has come up with programmes to cover pupils in the community on how to prevent such incidences of child trafficking.
Ms. Munganga was shading more light on the aspect of women and child trafficking which is allegedly happening in Chaisa compound of Lusaka.
Recently, Deputy Inspector General of Police Solomon Jere disclosed that there was some child trafficking in Chaisa compound when he appeared before a parliamentary committee on legal affairs chaired by Monze UPND Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu.
Dr. Jere revealed that Chaisa compound in Lusaka has become a huge area of concern as it has been turned into a dumping ground for women and children who are in turn trafficked.
Meanwhile, the Zambia National Women’s Lobby has said it was against offensive dressing.
ZNWL board chairperson Beauty Phiri said the dress code becomes offensive when one makes around uncomfortable.
Ms. Phiri said currently, the country does not have anything to measure decency with because it does not have a dress code to be identified with.
Earlier this week, Deputy Inspector of Police Solomon Jere said women were becoming more violent through the use of different formats that include dressing.
Dr. Jere said women have come up with a different format of attacking men through their dressing.