State House’s statements are disorienting the nation -FODEP

Kaela Mulenga, UNZA and MacDonald Chipenzi, FODEP. Photo by FODEP
Kaela Mulenga, UNZA and MacDonald Chipenzi, FODEP. Photo by FODEP
Forum for Democratic Process (FODEP) has observed that statements made State House as regards to the final draft Constitution are now confusing and disorienting the nation.

Executive Director McDonald Chipenzi says the people of Zambia expect that the presidency should have been being giving clearer position and directions on the constitution.

Mr. Chipenzi notes that as long as State House continues to issue different statements on the constitution, confusion shall continue in the country and which in turn will make the Patriotic Front (PF) government an unpopular.

And the FODEP Executive Director has questioned why the Head of State constituted a technical committee when he knew that the country had a valid constitution.

He further notes that the President should also remember that no one forced him to come up with the technical Committee to draft the constitution and to tell the people in the country that the Constitution would be ready in ninety days.

He adds that the people in the country are following up what President Michael Sata promised them and that statement by the President that there is a valid constitution is considered as sad news by the nation.