Exile born again, still performs at East Point



VETERAN singer Kangwa Kapamba popularly known as Exile and his wife Nalu have announced getting into full time gospel music almost a year after the former announced that he is born again.
Exile was seen performing at East Point Night Club on New Year’s Eve while last Friday he was seen with his wife Nalu in action during the Night of Worship concert at the Blessings Centre in Lusaka.

In an interview with Times Entertainment, the So Lucky star said he was ready to stop going in places where people would talk him but insisted that there was nothing wrong with him performing in clubs because his music is not vulgar.
“My music does not preach hatred nor is it vulgar. It can be used to preach to lost souls even at East Point,” he said.
“But it’s fine you will not see me in such places again because I am now going into full time gospel music,” he added.
Israel as he is now called is slated to release his debut gospel album this year dubbed From Exile to Israel .
The album will feature Nalu in some of the songs that were sampled at Bread of Life Church’s Blessings Centre last Friday night.




  1. What is the difference gospel artists are perfoming at boxing games and receiving mosi awards.let them be GOD is able 2 forgive any óne