Shamenda says job should be a means of eradicating poverty

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Labour and Social Security Minister Fackson Shamenda has said it was government’s desire that the jobs that have been created do not merely account for statistics but ultimately help to eradicate poverty in the country.


Mr. Shamenda said government was committed to ensuring that Zambia develops to unprecedented levels so as to set the country on the path of prosperity.


He said this in a speech read for him by his Acting Permanent Secretary Peggy Mlewa at the official opening of the stakeholders’ consultative workshop on the management of productivity.


Mr. Shamenda said productivity has for a long time been considered a necessary condition for accelerating Zambia’s economic development.


He said his ministry, with the support of the Private Sector Development Reform Programme two (PSDRP II), undertook a project to establish a comprehensive national productivity management package.


Mr. Shamenda said once implemented, it was expected that the country will see a more coordinated productivity management approach incorporating all stakeholders.


He said this concerted effort was necessary for building a critical mass of knowledge, skills and attitudes that were sufficient for transforming Zambia in a competitive economy.


Mr. Shamenda said the strategy also outlines various policy milestones needed to fully institutionalise the productivity movement in Zambia.


He said the initiative will definitely accelerate the productivity drive in the country and improve the quality of life of every citizen.


Mr. Shamenda said government has set out to create one million jobs by 2016.


He has called for the cooperation of the social partners and stakeholders in order to achieve this goal.