Southern learners grapple with new academic curriculum

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—-Pupils in Livingstone are having difficulties in understanding Tonga, the local language being used by teachers in schools as most of them are used to speaking the official language, English.

This follows the policy formulated by the Ministry of Education that all teachers should start teaching in local languages starting January, this year.

The move has affected pupils in as much as they do not know how to speak and also how to write in the local language.

Parents, on the hand, are claiming that they are finding it difficult to explain or talk to their children in local language when helping them with their homework.

In an interview with ZANIS, head teacher at Yahweh Academy, a pre and primary school, Josephine Chama, said the performance of pupils had gone down due to lack of understanding of the local language as many pupils are used to learning in the official language, English.

Ms Chama said that teachers have to teach in English and then translate in Tonga and this applies to all subjects whether Mathematics or Science.

However, she also highlighted that the new curriculum, which has been introduced, is going to affect the academic performance of pupils and this has worried the parents very much.

Ms Chama has, however, advised parents to work hand in hand with teachers to help the pupils understand and learn the local language so that by the end of this term they will be able to perform better academically and speak the local language.