Mambwe district receives inputs, relief food

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—Mambwe district in Eastern Province, has received both urea and D compound fertilizers for the 2013/2014 farming season.

The farming inputs, under the Farmer Input Support Programme (FISP), have been distributed to all the five chiefdoms in the district.

Mambwe District Commissioner, Janet Palukani, said the district has received 16,210 x 50 kg bags of D compound of which 12,010 bags have already been dispatched to deserving farmers.

Ms Palukani stated that 4,499 x 50 kg bags of Urea have been received out of the expected 12,866 x 50 kg bags allocated.

She further said 4,485 x 50 kg bags have already been distributed to Chiefs Msoro, Jumbe, Nsefu, Mnkhanya and part of Kakumbi areas.

The DC said 5,402 x 10 bags of maize seed have already been distributed to farmers out of the 6,255 x 10kg received by the district.

Ms Palukani has since appealed to farmers to be patient as the remaining 8,367 x 50kg bags of Urea will be dispatched to the area within the course of this week.

And Ms Palukani stated that 3000 x 50kg bags of relief maize are expected in the district to be distributed among the people in chiefs Nsefu and Malama by the District Disaster Management Unit (DDMU).

Ms Palukani said 80 per cent is to be distributed as Food For Work while 20 per cent is for the vulnerable.