Rosemary Mutale, Fashion and Film: “PERSISTENT DIVA” in “TROUBLED FLAME”


Rosemary Mutale, indeed is a lady of all season and ever persistent. Those who have known her call her the “Persistent Diva.” She dares all that uplifts her ambiance. Last year she participated in Miss Africa USA 2013. She proudly represented Zambia on the red carpet function in Silver Spring Maryland- USA. “I was among the 21 finalists from all over Africa. I had an audience with Miss Universe 2011 winner Laila Lopes,” said Rose. Her platform for Miss Africa USA 2013 was “Promoting Awareness and Fighting against Breast Cancer.”

In 2013, she said, “I chose this theme because I am fully aware that breast cancer is a growing problem not only in Zambia but in most African nations. As such, I would like to equip women with the necessary knowledge of the early signs of breast cancer and the important steps they should take when they notice the signs,” said Rose. As someone with love and passion for life, Rose said, “Breast cancer is tangible and is upsetting everyone. We all have responsibility towards each other. For married couples, I urge men to kindly encourage their wives to do screening and their daughters or nieces. Just like our folks (men) have proudly walked into many clinics and hospitals and done male circumcision, we too females can walk with our heads high and know our bodies.”

Last year (2013) was not the end of her soul taking activities, now she soldiers on with her persistence. She has taken a different route. She is now into Film industry. Those who know the “Persistent Diva” will rediscover that Rosemary enjoys: swimming, traveling, and listening to Zambian music and others, watching movies (Dorika). Thus, she is always in touch with what is happening in Zambia and loves comedy. She says, “I always ask my friends to send Zambian music and comedy.” Last year she said, “I have an insatiable curiosity for fashion trends.”

Today she says, “I have insatiable curiosity for fashion and film industry. Nothing will stop me to use my God given talent to return blessings to God the owner of my being. This is her first attempt. No one can stop Rosemary. The Persistent Diva indeed is “ambitious, spontaneous, outgoing, honest and fun person to meet, etc.” One recognizes her by her authentic smiles and genuine laughter. She says, “I enjoy laughing. I enjoy smiling. I don’t lose anything. Actually it makes me look even younger.”


The “Persistent Diva” is in “Troubled Flame.” if you want to see the more human part of the “Persistent Diva,” I encourage those in Zambia to buy a DVD copy of “Troubled Flame.”Those in the USA come and support our “Persistent Diva” in action in Texas (Dallas). Present will be; VIP Premiere guest Tichina Arnold, Hollywood actress of shows – “Martin”, “Everyone hates Chris” and “Happily Divorced” Come and watch Rosemary Mutale in “Troubled Flame” – movie filled with “Pain, anger, frustration, betrayal, abandonment, trust in God and…. Suspense!!!! Yes Suspense!” Even those watching it in theaters will be glued to their sit wondering what would happen next. Come and See the “Persistent Diva” in action at Starplex Movie Theater 4205 W. Pioneer Dr, Irving, Texas 75061.

“One Zambia, One Nation.” Zambia is known for her Children who are persistent in maintaining peace. Let us support our “Persistent Diva”, our beloved Zambians. Let us support our “Persistent Diva” in “Troubled Flame.” Those in Dallas, come one come all to see the daughter of Mother Zambia in Action.

By Tembo Michael (USA)