Nkeyema high school appeals for CDF

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Authorities at Nkeyema High School in Western province have appealed to the district council to release Constituency Development Funds (CDF) for the completion of a classroom block at the institution.

School head teacher Mayumbelo Chazele said the construction of the 1 X 3 classroom block should to be urgently completed because there was overwhelming demand for the enrolment of pupils into the high school from eleven basic schools in the area.

He said the construction of a classroom block, which is currently at slab level, requires about K200, 000 for it to be completed.

He told ZANIS in an interview that about K40, 000 was earlier released by the council to build the block up to slab level.

Mr. Chazele said there now need to release more funds to have the classroom block complete.

He stated that the school needs additional classroom blocks because the population was growing fast in the newly created Nkeyema district.

He however commended the local people who had worked tirelessly with the school management in putting up a 1 x 2 classroom block using local funds.

And Nkeyema Ward councillor Kent Mukonda said the council will consider allocating some funds towards the completion of the classroom block.

Mr. Mukonda said the council had already received the request from the school about the need for funds towards the project.

He said the council was committed to ensuring that the project was completed as soon as possible.