Man gets 10yrs for burning school

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A MAN in Kasama who burnt down a community school because he was frustrated at work has been sentenced to 10 years in prison with hard labour.

Before Kasama High Court judge Petronella Ngulube, was Michael Chilufya, who on June 14, 2009, set fire to Kansombe Community School and destroyed property worth K20,000.

When Chilufya was called upon to take plea, he said he understood the charge and he pleaded guilty.

He told the court he burnt the school because he had worked there but did not benefit from the project.

“I also did not receive farming inputs like other people in the community. I burnt the school on purpose,” Chilufya said.

Facts before court were that on the fateful day, residents who lived around Kansombe Community School heard someone shouting and threatening to set the village ablaze.

Eventually, Chilufya set fire to the school after which he was apprehended and taken to Nkolemfumu Police Post.

Ms Justice Ngulube said Chilufya clearly admitted the charge and that there was overwhelming evidence against him.

Defence lawyer Japheth Zulu asked the court for leniency because his client was a first offender who had readily admitted his guilt.

“However, due to your destructive behaviour, the community lost a valuable asset. I accordingly sentence you to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour,” the judge said.

Chilufya was informed of his right of appeal to the Supreme Court.