Maluba Home Based Care commended

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Government has commended Maluba Home Based Care (HBC) for successfully accessing funds from the American government to support vulnerable children in society.
Officiating at the launch of the Presidential Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) Acting District Commissioner, Friday Pintu said Zambians are highly appreciating the American support.
Maluba HBC in Chinsali is supporting over 259 Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVCs) in society.
Mr Pintu explained that government is appreciative to the Americans gesture of lightning the burden of the young and future generation.
And Maluba HBC Coordinator said the organization started with widows and widowers and has grown to support OVCs.
He said the United States America (USA) government has so far released a total of K170, 000 worthy in support for infrastructure, school requirements and entrepreneurship skills impartment.
He said the government of Zambia has made it possible to access funds for the OVCs through its foreign affairs diplomacy.
Among the activities being supported among others is to identity OVC households, procurement of a hammer mill, and training of the identified OVC households in entrepreneurship skills.
Mr Ngulube explained that 40% of the funds received will be given as loans to those being training in entrepreneurship skills.
And Provincial AIDS Co-coordinating Advisor (PACA) Peter Ndemena emphasized that the loans that will be give out must be paid back.
He said there is need to be wary of donor funds as they may be withdrawn and added that sustainability of projects must be ensured.
He urged the beneficiaries to help the initiative grow so that it supports other OVCs in other districts.
Among the 400 applications received by PEPFAR from all the district in Zambia, only 30 successful organisation were funded.
In Muchinga province holding 7 districts, only Maluba in the rural part of Chinsali has managed to access the money.
The organisation plans to expand its tentacles to the rest of the province and change its name to Muchinga Empowerment Development Organisation (MEDO) once the organisation is registered by the Registrar of Societies in March this year.