I want to be president-Masumba


FROM summersaulting, rumba dancing, jail conviction and politics, Stephen Masumba, the Mufumbwe legislator, has pushed his ambition a notch up – he now wants to become president of Zambia in future.
Mr Masumba said he had always had an aspiration to become an influential politician from merely being an MP since he joined politics.
He said all it takes in life to achieve greater things is for one to have an implementable vision and set goals, “because where there is a will, there’s always a way”.
“I am a parliamentarian and was a deputy minister and now my target is that of being a full Cabinet minister before I finally get the presidency,” Mr Masumba said.
He was speaking during a Hot FM radio Hot Red Breakfast show in Lusaka yesterday where he also discussed in jest, his growing popularity as a great dancer and popular politician.
Responding to being voted best rumba dancer via a Hot FM poll and most popular politician via a Muvi TV online poll, Mr Masumba laughed out the awards by saying it’s about time they were perhaps converted into value.
“My friends have been calling me saying the Daily Mail has reported that you are the most popular politician for 2013 and now another nomination from you [Hot FM as best rumba dancer] perhaps it’s time I started receiving something in return,” Masumba laughed.
Observers have been awed with Masumba’s ‘spirits’ under fire from courts, politics and police with the most recent being a brief detention after he lit up the Kitwe skies on New Year’s Eve in order to protect his Land Rover Discovery 3, which has “unique” features.
Mr Masumba also chided online media for maligning others, especially those in the limelight.
He said that he will take legal action against all those that are involved in such kind of practices.
“Some of these online media houses will, without any reason, hurt you and aim to bring you down,” said Mr Masumba.
Mr Masumba said that the online media in Zambia is taking advantage of high-profile people like politicians by discrediting them.
He said hate and envy filled-individuals running online media will do anything to ensure that one falls but they won’t succeed because Zambians are intelligent enough to tell the difference between hate and truth or fact.
On Tuesday, Mr Masumba stole the limelight once again when he referred to President Sata as his dad whom he knows has not ‘ditched’ him despite being dropped from a government position to pave way for a court process as required by law.


  1. It cud be fun havn him as president : boss im sick i have HO n i danced alot last nite so i need 2 kill HO il report wen fally leaves Zambia;