RDA to recruite operators soon for its Pave Zambia 2000 road project.

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—-The Road Development Agency (RDA) says it will soon recruit operators  under the Pave Zambia 2000 road project.


RDA Chief Executive officer Charles Mushota says  that the Agency has identified and interviewed operators who will in turn operate the equipment purchased for the Pave Zambia 2000 road project.

ZANIS reports that the RDA chief said this in an exclusive interview in Lusaka, today.

Approximately 2000 kilometers of urban roads across the country are expected to be paved using the blocks technology under the Pave Zambia 2000.

The project halted as the agency had in sufficient funds to recruit operators to operate the already purchased equipment.

The Chief Executive Officer further revealed that the agency has since worked on the budget and now it is able to engage operators who will be sent in the ten provinces to execute the said mammoth project.

However Mr Mushota  expressed optimism that once the project commerce more jobs for the youths will be created country wide in line with the PF manifesto.

He said the Pave Zambia 2000 project seeks to address unemployment levels in the communities by engaging  the youths to participating in road construction .

Republican Head of State Michael Sata last year launched the ambitious Pave Zambia 2000 road  with a bid to improve township roads across the country.