Edgar Lungu is new Defence Minister


President Michael Sata has transferred Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu to the Ministry of Defence in the same capacity and elevated Justice Deputy Minister Ngosa Simbyakula to the position of Home Affairs Minister.

Mr. Lungu has replaced Geoffrey Mwamba who resigned from the position Defence Minister yesterday.

Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations George Chellah has disclosed to Journalists at State House this afternoon.

Mr. Chellah says the position of Deputy Justice Minister will remain vacant for the time being.

And asked whether there would have been room to give Mr Mwamba chance to rescind his decision to resign, Mr. Chellah said the decision by the President is as result of the public position Mr. Mwamba made to resign from government.

Mr. Chellah says it does not matter whether Mr. Mwamba officially handed in his resignation letter or not for the replacement to be made because government had to run even without his official resignation letter, the fact that he stood his grounds when he made the announcement of his resignation.

Meanwhile when asked before the news of his appointment as Defence Minister was broken, Mr. Lungu told journalists that his friendship with Mr. Mwamba is still intact especially that he is still a Member of Parliament of the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

Mr. Lungu says even if Mr. Mwamba was to resign from his parliamentary seat his friendship with him would still remain intact because it is not based on political lines