MMD’s call for early elections is clear indication of its lack of respect for Judiciary

MMD cadres sing outside DEC

The Patriotic Front (PF) Office of the shibuyunji District has observed that the calling on for the general elections by the opposition Movement for Multi party Democracy (MMD) is a clear indication that the party undermines the judicial system.

District Secretary, Joseph Kasonde, says MMD President Dr. Nevers Mumba should remember that twenty year corrupt regime of the MMD contaminated the electoral process in the country and has now started paying dividends hence the the loss of several parliamentary seats through the courts of law.

Mr. Kasonde says Dr. Mumba should be ashamed of his failure to accept the courts’ decision and later on petition President Sata’s call for early elections as the only sensible thing according to him.

He adds that the PF government will not sink so low to accept Dr. Mumba’s wish because those corrupt leaders whose seats were nullified used tax payer’s money to manipulate their elections.