Suspect apprehended after attempting to escape

Jail Cell prison arrest
Jail Cell prison arrest

A suspect from Mongu Central Police in Mongu district tried to escape after appearing before a Mongu Magistrate’s Court for causing occasional bodily harm.


Mongu police officers had a tough time yesterday when Joseph Makando refused to go back to police cells from the court and began running away soon after his court case hearing around 14:30hours.


One police officer, George Ulika, explained that the suspect in question was due to appear before the same court on the December 31, 2013, for continued trial.


Speaking in a separate interview, Constable Dennis Inambao complained that the suspect had breached the trust by police and would be kept under heavy security to avert the reoccurrence of the act by other suspects.


The suspect was later pushed into a Police vehicle under gun escort from the court premises.