MMD has called for an emergency extra-ordinary National Executive Committee

Nevers Mumba
Nevers Mumba

THE opposition MMD has called for an emergency extra-ordinary National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting over the continuous loss of parliamentary seats through nullification of results by the courts of law.
On Wednesday, the Supreme Court nullified the election of MMD Mkushi South Member of Parliament (MP) Sydney Chisanga after it found that, contrary to election regulations, he made donations to women’s clubs and promised to give them more on condition that they voted for him in the poll.
MMD president Nevers Mumba said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that he has called for an emergency NEC meeting to find a solution to the nullification of seats.
Dr Mumba said MMD leaders want to come up with strategies on how to stop the nullifications.
“I have called for an emergency NEC meeting which will be attended by NEC members over the continuous nullification of our seats,” he said.
“On Saturday this week, the nation will be informed of the resolutions and strategies that we are going to come up with, I can’t tell you now,” he said
But political scientist Alex Ng’oma said complaints by politicians who are affected by the nullifications that they are an assault to democracy do not hold any water.
Dr Ng’oma said the high number of nullifications is a reflection of how fraudulent the past elections were and that political players should learn lessons that engaging in underhand methods to ascend to power does not pay.
He said politicians should at all cost try to abide by the electoral rules and code of conduct.
“It is highly regrettable that there are so many nullifications of parliamentary seats…however, people should take responsibility of their actions during elections,” he said.
Foundation for Democratic Process executive director McDonald Chipenzi said nullifications show that the 2011 elections were marred by illegalities.


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