ZANEC welcomes no enrolling under age of 7 in schools policy

Nakatindi School, just outside of Livingstone in Zambia

The Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC) has welcomed government’s policy decision not to allow children under the age of seven to be enrolled for Grade one starting next year.

ZANEC Chairperson, Elly Mwale, has told Qfm news that government must be supported for taking such a bold move because the policy guidelines require that only children who are seven years are eligible to start primary education.

Ms Mwale explains that the education policy guidelines state that children between the ages of three and six can only be enrolled for early childhood education which government has provided for them.

She says ZANEC will support government on this move considering that it is aimed at improving and promoting children’s education.

Meanwhile, Youth Vision Zambia Executive Director, Amos Mwale, says his organization is against the move because it disadvantages brilliant children who are under the age of seven and are capable of starting primary education.

Mr. Mwale has since urged Education Minister John Phiri to carry out a study and ascertain if children under the age of seven can not perform better once enrolled in primary schools.

Education Minister, Dr. John Phiri, has directed all Provincial Education Officers across the country to ensure that no school enrolls children under the age of seven starting in 2014.