Zambezi source believed to heal ailments

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Many of people are reported to be flocking to the Zambezi River source in Ikelenge district to fetch water believed to have healing powers for different illnesses.


Ikelenge District Commissioner Shatewa Ndumba told a tourism stakeholder consultative meeting today that every day the Zambezi source is packed by a lot of people with 20 litre containers lining up to draw the water.


She said the water from the Zambezi source is believed by some people to be capable of curing HIV/AIDS.


“Right now if you go to Ikelengi at the Zambezi source, you will find people lining up with 20 litre containers drawing water to use as medicine,” Ms Ndumba said.


A one day tourism stakeholders meeting was organised for District Commissioners, Council Secretaries and heads of government departments from the 10 districts of the province.


The meeting is intended to take stock of the tourism potential and available land for developing tourism amenities in North Western province.


This is with the view of packaging the potential for promotion among would be investors and tourists.


At the end of the meeting a provincial promotion committee is supposed to be constituted to guide the destination of North Western, an undertaking that is supposed to inform and educate investors and tourists about the potential for tourism in the province.