GBM, Wynter make up

Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba GBM

CHRISTMAS came early for the ruling Patriotic Front yesterday with bells of unity ringing down from State House to Cabinet and other party ranks.
What initially appeared like a rift in the PF between Minister of Defence Geoffrey Mwamba and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba has come to an end following President Sata’s categorical dismissal of assertions that there are camps in the ruling Patriotic Front.
Mr Mwamba and Mr Kabimba have opted for nothing but unity and love.
The first task the two party ‘heavyweights’ will now work on is to sell the manifesto and developmental programmes of the PF as they try to foster unity among all members.
Mr Mwamba in a Zambia Daily Mail interview culminating from a party caucus where he was captured walking hand-in-hand in unity with his Cabinet colleague Mr Kabimba on ZNBCTV said the two would get on a nationwide road-show to market the party as directed by President Sata.
Mr Mwamba also stated that there is no “beef” between him and Mr Kabimba, explaining that what had been there was a mere glitch in differences of opinions that have now been ironed out.
Mr Kabimba, who is also the ruling party’s Secretary General, could not be reached for a comment via telephone by press time yesterday.
Mr Mwamba, who is also Kasama member of Parliament, told the Daily Mail that what remained important now is to sell the party as per presidential directive.
“The party is dynamic,” Mr Mwamba said. “We may have differences in opinion but that doesn’t mean we remain permanent enemies.”
Mr Mwamba advised all members to remain united and support President Sata’s vision for the country.
“As far as I am concerned, the Patriotic Front (PF) and the country as a whole only have one leader in the name of President Sata and that will remain so until 2021.
“We should all rally behind President Sata and move in one direction so that the head of State succeeds in fulfilling his vision and plans to develop Zambia,” he said.
Mr Mwamba urged party members to avoid squabbles as they have the potential to cause division and negatively impact development.
“My appeal to all party members through the rank and file is, let’s rally behind the president,” he said.
Earlier on Monday, President Sata while responding to PF legislators at a caucus advised them that pockets of demonstrations in the party simply meant that the party was alive and not dead, adding that such activities worked as an eye-opener for the party to heal itself.

 Zambia Daily Mail