Liato’s acquittal has shamed critics – Pande

Kabinga Pande, Zambia
Kabinga Pande, Zambia

The opposition Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) says the people who were Politicking over the arrest of former Labor Minister Austin Liato have been put to shame following his acquittal by the Lusaka High Court.

The Lusaka High Court last Thursday quashed the conviction by a Lower court of Mr. Liato stating that there was no evidence that the money Liato buried amounting to K2.1 billion old currency was earned through unlawful acts.

The Lusaka High Court also ordered that the money and all properties seized from Mr. Liato be returned to him.

MMD National Chairperson, Kabinga Pande, has told QFM News that the party has received the news with gratitude because Mr. Liato had all the right to keep his money wherever he wished.

Mr. Pande says the courts have proved that there was no evidence the money Mr. Liato buried was proceeds of crime.

And MMD acting national secretary, Kapembwa Simbao, in a separate interview has said no one knew how Mr. Liato made the money in question and that it was wrong to judge him wrongly.