Govt still screening cases of sacked nurses – Shamenda

PF creating enough jobs – Shamenda

LABOUR and Social Security Minister Fackson Shamenda says Government is still screening cases of nurses who were fired for participating in an illegal strike.

Mr Shamenda said the Government was undertaking the screening exercise to ensure the process was not unfair to anyone.

He said in an interview in Ndola on Saturday evening, that Government was also screening the cases of some of the nurses that had since re-applied for their positions after been sacked.

“We are still conducting a screening process to ensure that the exercise does not mistreat innocent people that could have been implicated in the illegal strike.

“And yes, a number of nurses have since re-applied for their jobs and even those cases are undergoing screening,” Mr Shamenda said.

He said it was normal procedure to screen the cases because while Government had fired nurses for their involvement in something illegal, it was just as important that Government did not break any law as it was dealing with the matter.

Earlier, Mr Shamenda said when he officiated at the Chifubu Secondary School former students fundraising dinner dance at the school, that the Patriotic Front (PF) Government attached importance to dialogue.

Times of Zambia