Floods submerge Livingtone houses

Livingstone Culture
SEVERAL houses in Livingstone were at the weekend heavily flooded following the continuous torrential rains experienced in the city at the weekend.

Livingstone City Council Public Relations Manager Emmanuel Sikanyika cited Dambwa Site and Service and Malota Townships as some of the areas that were flooded due to the rains.

Mr Sikanyika said in an interview yesterday that house number 245 in Dambwa Site and Service and many others in the area covering about 100 metres were flooded on Saturday until the fire fighters pumped out the water from affected houses.

“House number 245 in Dambwa Site and Service and surrounding areas covering about 100 metres were submerged following the torrential rains we had on Saturday.

“Officers from the fire brigade started pumping out water from 11:00 hours on Saturday and only completed the exercise around 16:36 hours the same day,” Mr Sikanyika said.

He said the council firefighters also pumped out water from Malota Towship houses last week.

He said engineers from the local authority were on the ground working on the drainage system to improve the flow of water.

“As you may be aware, Livingstone has continued to experience heavy rains since last week but our engineers are on the ground to improve the drainage system.

“Works to improve the drainage system will start on Botswana Road in Dambwa North,” Mr Sikanyika said.


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