ZESCO power outage has caused sulphur dioxide pollution in Chingola – KCM


Konkola Copper Mine (KCM) yesterday polluted Chingola air with of sulphur dioxide following the power outage in the morning.

KCM Public Relations Manager Joy Sata has confirmed the development in a statement obtained by Qfm news that the power outage at Nchanga Smelter and Konkola mine affected the operations resulting in the emission of sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere in Chingola.

Ms. Sata say KCM had also informed affected communities in Chingola to stay indoors and minimize outdoor activities until the situation returns to normal.

Ms Sata has also disclosed that production at the Mines was also affected and the impact will be known after a thorough assessment has been carried out.

A nationwide power outage hit Zambia for close to four hours on Friday yesterday following a system failure at the Kafue Gorge Power Station.