VP Guy Scott and KK represented Zambia at Mandela’s funeral – Chifumu Banda

Chifumu Banda

PARLIAMENT has heard that Zambia was represented at the funeral of former South African President Nelson Mandela by Vice-President Guy Scott and former President Kenneth Kaunda.
Deputy Chairman of Parliamentary Committee Chifumu Banda said in his ruling following a point of order raised by Nalikwanda Member of Parliament (MP) Geoffrey Lungwangwa (MMD) that Zambia was ably represented at the memorial service to of Mr Mandela.
“The country is represented by His Honour the Vice-President Dr Scott. I am also told that the former president Dr Kaunda is also there representing us all,” Mr Banda said.
Professor Lungwangwa said Mr Mandela was an example of a humane icon whose funeral was supposed to be attended by Zambian government officials.
This was during the debate for budgetary allocations in the 2013 national budget for each province on Tuesday evening.
Meanwhile, Solwezi West MP Humphrey Mwanza (MMD) said government should develop border areas that Zambia shares with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Angola to foster development.
Mr Mwanza said if government can develop five border posts on the Zambia-Angola and Zambia-DRC borders, the country can raise a lot of revenue.
He also said a number of roads in the North-Western Province apart from Mutanda-Chavuma Road need to be upgraded.
Kamfinsa MP Moses Chishimba (PF) appealed to Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenga to consult parliamentarians from the province so that they can give their views on the roads earmarked for construction.
Bwacha MP Sydney Mushanga (PF) said PF government is fulfilling its campaign promises by addressing challenges people of his constituency are facing such as poor school and health infrastructure.
Kaputa MP Maxas Ng’onga (PF) thanked President Sata for prioritising road infrastructure development in Luapula province and other regions.
Luena MP Mulumemui Imenda (ADD) said Western province requires a lot of resources to catch up with other provinces in infrastructure development.
Kalabo Central MP Chinga Miyutu (UPND) said government should not concentrate infrastructure development in certain areas at the expense of other regions.
And Mumbwa MP Brian Chituwo (MMD) said government should revive Kabwe’s Zambia-China Mulungushi Textiles Joint Venture and other industries in Central province to create more jobs.


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