Fr Bwalya urges Sata to emulate Mandela

Fr Frank Bwalya
Fr Frank Bwalya

Alliance for Better Zambia (ABZ) President Fr Frank Bwalya has urged President Sata to emulate late former South African president Nelson Mandela by forgoing political entrenchment and give the people of Zambia a people driven constitution.

Speaking to Q fm in an interview, Fr Bwalya says it is clear that the Patriotic Front is trying to find a way out of the technical committee which they created themselves.

Fr Bwalya notes that the PF have failed to manipulate the technical committee so that it can do away with the wishes of the people as contained in the draft document.

He adds that the PF is scheming something so that they can exclude those clauses in the draft constitution they do not like.

He states that as long as they do not find room to manipulate the final document they will not release the final constitution to the Zambian people.

Fr Bwalya has since appealed to the PF government to allow the people of Zambia to have the constitution that they have always wanted.