Don’t blame God, PF for poor rains – Choma DC

Cutting Tree for Charcoal
Cutting Tree for Charcoal

Choma District Commissioner, Bernadette Hamweemba, says people should not blame God and the Patriotic Front Party Government for the poor rainfall patterns the district is currently experiencing.

Ms Hamweemba says the people of Choma have themselves to blame for the poor rainfall patterns because of the indiscriminate deforestation practices they have embraced.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Choma today, Ms Hamweemba said the effects of deforestation are now manifesting themselves in the poor rainfall patterns that the district is now experiencing.

“The poor rainfall patterns resulting from deforestation have affected the farming practices in the province, and the people who have chosen charcoal burning as their alternative livelihood have themselves to blame.

“The district is slowly turning into a desert and people are cutting trees and giving poverty as an excuse for such practices. It is unfortunate that the same people see it fit to blame God and the PF government for the poor rainfall patterns.

Ms Hamweemba has advised the people of Choma to desist from indiscriminate cutting of trees which has negatively affected the rainfall levels in the district which affects the development of the country as a whole.

She, however, called on the chiefs in Choma district to seriously sensitize their subjects on the effects of deforestation and help subjects appreciate the value of preserving the existing forests.

The DC said it was unfortunate that Southern province, which was once a bread basket of the country in terms of maize production, is now amongst the provinces with high rates of hunger.

Ms Hamweemba added that the people themselves who are into charcoal burning were now complaining of low rainfall levels and high soil erosion which does not support farming.

Poor rainfall patterns have characterized Choma since the onset of this rainy season with the district only experiencing rains on a few occasions.