Zambians urged to write books

EDUCATION Minister John Phiri
EDUCATION Minister John Phiri
EDUCATION Minister John Phiri says professionals should offload their knowledge and experiences into books for the benefit of the public.

Dr Phiri said Zambians should not wait for other people to write books but that each person should contribute to creating a positive legacy.

Speaking when he officiated at the launch of a book published by Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Mwansa Kapeya at Government Complex on Monday night, Dr Phiri further urged parents to inculcate the culture of reading in children to deepen and broaden their intellectual capacities.

The 165-page book titled The History of Radio and Television Broadcasting in Zambia authored by Mr Kapeya provides insights into fundamental elements of realising a successful and professional career in broadcasting through subjects like broadcast news and interviewing techniques for broadcasting.

Dr Phiri praised Mr Kapeya for ‘ploughing back’ into the broadcasting industry by sharing his knowledge and expertise amassed during his four decades of broadcasting.

He implored media personnel to emulate Mr Kapeya’s attributes of patience, hard work and professionalism as success did not come easily.

Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation Director General Chibamba Kanyama said the book would be beneficial to media students and practising journalists.

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