Zambia’s tourism is under-performing – Masebo

Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo
Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo
Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo says Zambian Tourism is currently under performing.

Speaking at the National Conference to adopt the final draft of the tourism policy document in Lusaka today, Ms Masebo says the tourism sector as an industry can do better and achieve more than what is obtaining presently.

Ms. Masebo notes that in the state of unrealized potential, the policy document will enable the sector during its implementation to realize its full potential.

She adds that it will also provide vision, inspiration and momentum to all actors in the tourism industry.

Ms Masebo states that although the sector is under performing, there are encouraging developments pointing out that in the area of investment, the ministry has partnered with the International Finance Corporation to prepare a commercially attractive offer to international hotel chains to invest in hotels in the game parks and increase bed spaces.

Ms. Masebo adds that air connectivity has also seen some positive developments including the announcement by government that a national airline is in the offing.

Ms. Masebo says her ministry is keen to realize the full potential of the tourism sector so that it can contribute to the country’s economic growth.

And speaking earlier, World Bank country representative Kundhavi Kadiresan says the World Bank is pleased to support the tourism sector in its development.

Ms. Kadiresan has further urged the ministry of tourism to share its achievements with the public to ensure accountability in the reform process.



  1. What was the effect of all those millions spend on the UNWTO, we all thought tourism was going to take off and world would end in August 2013 when 5,000 delegates showed up. It now seems only a small dent was made in improving the industry. The incentives did not seem to have benefited Zambian’s or true local businesses. The TAX incentives only benefited the big pocket operators, most of whom are foreign or of foreign parentage with the financial muscle to spend millions and bribe officials.

    Another failed effort and waste of millions of Dollars!!