Tourism sector targeted for job creation

Tourism Permanent secretary George Zulu-(Right).jpg

Tourism Permanent secretary George Zulu says the ministry is looking at ways of using the wildlife sub sector to create jobs for the Zambian people.

Mr Zulu notes that his ministry is looking at wildlife Act to see how best they can use it to create jobs for the Zambian people.

He says wildlife has a huge potential to create a thousand jobs.

Mr. Zulu notes that there has been too much concentration on hunting but that government is encouraging people to invest in the wildlife by putting up lodges and hotels in national parks among other projects that will attract tourists to come into the country.

He adds that the ministry is also concentrating on promoting Zambian tourism at international levels a move which create employment for some Zambians.

Mr Zulu says his ministry is keen to see to it that the tourism sector continues to contribute hugely to the economy of the country and continue to create job opportunities for the Zambian people to reduce the unemployment rate.