Fr Bwalya warns of consquences of PF’s continued stay in power

Fr Frank Bwalya
Fr Frank Bwalya

Alliance for Better Zambia president Father Franck Bwalya has charged that Zambia may never recover from the consequences of bad governance and mediocre leadership if the Patriotic Front remains in power beyond 2016.

Fr Bwalya in a statement issued to QFM News says it is for this reason his party supports the idea of a united political front to save Zambia from a regime that has become dishonest, corrupt, nepotistic, lazy and notoriously wasteful.

Fr Bwalya has since called upon all Zambians to unite behind a political alliance that should remove what he has described as the treacherous PF in 2016 and immediately start a programme of real transformation of the Zambian society.

He says this transformation should prioritize enactment of a people driven constitution that would contain the known popular provisions that Zambians want in the new constitution.

He says other reforms that the new dispensation after 2016 should prioritize are strengthening state institutions to guarantee Rule of Law and entrenchment of the multiparty democratic culture.

Fr Bwalya notes that these reforms are indispensable for accelerated social and economic development.

The ABZ leader says it has become clear that the PF has betrayed the trust and confidence of the people who gave them the mandate in 2011.

He points out that the PF has abrogated the key terms on which the people of Zambia voted for them including delivering a new people driven constitution.

Fr Bwalya states that what is shocking for many who campaigned and voted for PF is that the manner in which they have broken their promises speaks of a kind of dishonesty characteristic of crooks.