Kasama workers demand dues

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Several irate Kasama residents contracted by government under the indoor mosquito residue spraying exercise are demanding payment of their wages.


The residents are claiming wages for the 45 days that they worked under a contract by the Ministry of Community Development Mother and Child Health.


The angry workers stormed ZANIS claiming that they have not been paid K1,800.00 each for the duration of the exercise which ended yesterday.


The workers are demanding that the Ministry of Community Development Mother and Child Health pays them their dues as they have family responsibilities to pay for including rentals.


They complained that they had been engaged in the indoor residue mosquito spraying and that they had successfully completed their work therefore they should be paid their money.


When contacted for a comment indoor residue mosquito spraying manager Morgan Sanka could not be reached by phone as it went unanswered.


However, acting Kasama district health officer Onesmous Kalaba advised the workers to report to the district office so that the issue can be addressed.