General Ozzy drops ‘Komboni Dugude’ in readiness for the Evolution

General Ozzy Pic -
General Ozzy Pic –

Zambian dancehall General Ozzy has dropped a surprise single called ‘Komboni Dugude’ as he prepares to release his 5th studio album 5 Star: The Evolution late this year.

We caught up with the ‘Take My Heart’ hit maker and asked him a number of questions, the first of which is why he is calling his album the Evolution and he says. “The album is very diverse and I called it the Evolution because I have evolved over the last couple of years. There has been a lot of growing up, a lot of trying to learn the music business and I have been touring. I have been away from Zambia for a long time, I have been performing in countries like Botswana, Namibia, Malawi and in East Africa as well. I think I am just getting that experience of seeing what’s out there and putting it into this album.”

Ozzy, who has not released an album since 2009 when he worked with Uganda’s Radio and Weasel on Kobili’s hit single ‘Take My Heart, speaks big of his new record. “This is my gift to Zambia and the world at large. This is something that will carry them through 2014 and till God knows when I give them something new again. I worked with different producers like Djlo, who produces most of the songs, Roberto, who also features on one of the songs, Shom-C, who had found success working with Zone Fam lately and Jerry Fingaz. TK of Romaside studios and Ben Blazer also lend a hand on the production side of things for this record.”

Ozzy speaks highly of Djlo, the young and talented guy who produced ‘African Girl’, the first single off the new album. “Djlo is a diamond in the rough. He is a dude who was waiting to happen, I met him through Roberto and I think we met at the right time because I was looking for a whole new vibe and sound for my new album and he has that touch. He understand what I wanted to bring out on this album and we had this chemistry in the studio, from then on we haven’t looked back.”

Ozzy hosts a 2 hour show from 19 to 21 every Wednesday at Rock FM where he plays reggae and dancehall.  He says the experience of being on Radio has been challenging. “I have been on air now for three months and I need to say being alone in the booth and being live on radio is not as easy as djs make it sound when you are listening to the radio so I gotta say hats off to anyone who is dj because it’s a tough job. It was a challenge for me but I love challenges and putting myself to the test.”

The album boasts such urban songs like, African Girl, Ozakota Chikubaba, Vamene Unichita and So Bad and should be on the market by the end of December 2013.

By Hope Mkunte