Bjorn Waldegard jumps his Porsche 911 on the 2009 Safari Rally

Next year’s KCB Safari Rally is set to run in September as opposed to its traditional mid-year schedule.

The world famous event will be held on the weekend of September 12-14, according to the 2014 Motorsports Calendar released on Tuesday.

Nakuru Rally, organized by Rift Valley Motor & Sports Club, will open the eight-leg Kenya National Rally Championship (KNRC) on the weekend of January 18-19.

The next Safari Rally will count towards the seventh and penultimate round of the FIA African Rally Championship (ARC) series which revs off with Rallye Bandama of Cote D’Ivoire between March 1 and 2.

Other countries in which the ARC will crisscross are Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa (Sasol Rally), Rwanda (Mountain Gorilla Rally) and Madagascar Rally which folds the curtains to the eight-leg ARC series.

The driver and navigator champions for the ARC will feted in the FIA Annual Awards gala alongside the Formula 1, WRC and FIA regional rally champions.

Last year’s continental competition was won by the al-Zambian crew of Jassy Singh and Dave Sihoka.

Jassy is son of the legendary two times African champion Muna Singh while Sihoka has three ARC co-drivers titles under his belt, two of which he clinched with the former.

Among the drivers gearing up for the ARC challenge are Giancarlo Davite of Rwanda, Jas Mangat of Uganda and Essa Mohammed of Zambia.

The Kenya National Autocross Championship begins on the weekend of March 8 and 9 whilst the National Motocross series commences on January 25 and 26. Both Motocross and Autocross events will feature nine events apiece.

RVM&SC will organize the first round of the scheduled five Rally Raid events on March 15 and 16.

The CBA Africa Concours D’Elegance 2014, organized by Alfa Romeo Owners Club, will be held at Nairobi Racecourse on September 27 and 28.

On the weekend of August 30-31 Zambia will host the FIM Africa Continental Motocross Championship. This will feature riders from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, hosts Zambia, South Africa, Bostwana and Namibia among other nations.

South Africa hosted the 2013 FIM Africa continental challenge at Syringe Park.

Meanwhile, preparations for the next KNRC season will be starting soon for teams.

Two Wheel Drive’s Gurmit Thethy hopes to find the much-needed reliably from his new VW Golf MK3 but admitted candidly “It’s a race against time.”

“Well, looks like 2014 is already upon us and we haven’t even worked on the car yet. It’s still standing in the same manner it came after completing the Guru Nanak Rally. I was hoping to work on the car in late December for next year’s season. So we might do the first rally in an under-prepared or not a well prepared car,” said Gurmit.

Former Division 2 Champion Onkar Rai said It is a bit early to start the season “but we will be ready for sure.”

Onkar will be navigated by Des Page Morris who is a former navigator to Glen Edmunds and Alastair Cavenagh.

Onkar finished fifth overall during the recently ended Kenya Airways East African Safari Classic Rally.



Jan 18-19::KNRC 1 Nakuru Rally (RVM&C)
Feb 15-16::KNRC. 2 KMSC Rally (KMSC)
March 29-30 KNRC 3 RSC Rally (RSC)
April 26-27::KNRC 4 Mombasa Rally (MMC)
June 28-29::KNRC 5 (NRG*/WMSC*)
September 12-14::ARC 7 KCB Safari Rally (KMSF)
October 18-19::KNRC. 7 Kisumu Rally
November 22-23::KNRC. 8 Guru Nanak Rally (SUC)

FIA AFRICAN RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP March 1-2::ARC 1-Rallye Bandama Cote D’Ivoire
April 12-13::ARC 2-Sasol Rally South Africa
May 10-11::ARC 3-Zambia International Rally
June 14-15::ARC 4- Rally of Tanzania
July 19-20::ARC 5-Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Rally
August 16-17::ARC 6- Pearl of Africa Uganda Rally
September 12-14::ARC 7-KCB Safari Rally
Nov 8-9::ARC 8-Total Rally International Madagascar

February 1-2::AUTOX 1 (RSC)
March 8-9::AUTOX 2 (KMSC)
April 19-20::AUTOX 3 (RVM&SC/EAMSC)
May 24-25::AUTOX 4 (KMSC)
July 19-20::AUTOX 5 (KMSC)
August 9-10::AUTOX 6 (KMSC)
September 20-21::AUTOX 7 (EMC)
November 1-2::AUTOX 8 (KMSC)
November 29-30::AUTOX 9 (KMSC)

January 25-26::MOTOX 1 (EAMSC)
February 22–23::MOTOX 2 (EAMSC)
April 19-20::MOTOX 3 (EAMSC)
May 10-11::MOTOX 4 (EAMSC)
June 21-22::MOTOX 5 (EAMSC)
August 2-3::MOTOX 6 (EAMSC)
October 4-5::MOTOX 7 (EAMSC)
November 8-9::MOTOX 8 (EAMSC)
December 7-8::MOTOX 9 (EAMSC)

March 15-16::RALLY RAID 1 (RVM&SC)
April 5–6::RALLY RAID 2 (RSC)
July 12-13::RALLY RAID 3 (RVM&SC)
October 11-12::RALLY RAID 4 (NRG)
November 15-16::RALLY RAID 5 (RSC)

February 8-9::ENDURO 1 (EAMSC)
April 12–13::ENDURO 2 (EAMSC)
June 14-15::ENDURO 3 (EAMSC)
August 23-24:ENDURO 4 (RVM&SC)
October 25-26::ENDURO 5 (EAMSC)

September 27-28::CBA Africa Concours D’Elegance (Nairobi Racecourse)
July 21-22::Economy Run (AROC)
August 30-31::FIM Africa Motox Championship (Zambia).