Move to fire nurses is a ploy to make them forfeit their benefits-FDD

FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza
FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza
The Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has charged that the move by government to fire nurses who went on strike is a ploy to have them forfeit their benefits.

FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza says the Patriotic Front administration should apologize to the nurses for earlier promising them that they will receive 100percent salary increments.

Mr. Mwanza notes that the decision by government to dismiss the nurses is unnecessary and retrogressive because it does not address the concerns of the nurses.

He stresses that firing the nurses is also worsening the already critical shortage of nurses across the country.

Mr. Mwanza has since called on government to rescind the decision to fire the nurses.

He adds that government should not run away from its responsibility of fulfilling their promises to the nurses.

Mr Mwanza has since demanded the immediate and unconditional reinstatement of the nurses.