Zambezi district police station to be constructed – Sibote

Compound in North-Western Province
Compound in North-Western Province

North Western province Commissioner of Police, Eugene Sibote says plans to construct a police station in Zambezi district are underway as soon as the service receives the funds.

Mr Sibote said the lack of office accommodation for the Zambia Police in Zambezi district was due to non availability of funds to construct one.

Mr Sibote said Zambezi Police was not the only department of government that is squatting at the District Commissioner’s office block.

He told ZANIS in an interview in Zambezi today that there are various police stations that are squatting in administration blocks across the country.

Mr Sibote cited Kabompo Police station as one of them that is squatting at the council office block in the district.

Zambezi Police station is operating without a detention cell, a situation that has led the service to keep suspects at the police inquiries for 24 hours before taking them to Zambezi state prison for